Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Specs, Features, Release Date, Price And Concept Images

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 :- After the release of stunning note 5, Note 7 is expected to come in Q3 of 2016  yes that’s true company is skipping Galaxy Note 6. Get here the latest updates about the galaxy note 7 here. Samsung is one of the leading smartphone manufacturer and the flagship smartphones of Samsung have already created much hype in the market and constantly getting more and more popularity. The Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy Note are among the most popular series by Sams!

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And both the coming giants by Sam is in air and rumors: Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 7

Now, finally We are going to tell you everything related to “Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Specs, Features, Release Date, Price And Concept Images“.

And Yes, there have been quite a much of rumors but company would continue the trend for sure and Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would after that News is that the series will close and Samsung will keep on making different and yet better versions of Note 7 itself. Company is constantly trying to make their future smartphone better than the previous release and they will continue the same trend and will try to make Galaxy Note 7 more better than Galaxy Note 5 of-course.

As Galaxy Note 5 was a great success for the SamCom 😀 Galaxy Note 7 is also going to be a great hit too in the smartphone market and we are expecting the same. Galaxy Note 7 would also bring some huge revenue to the company.

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Leaks About the Galaxy Note 7

  1. Galaxy Note 7 Phablet with 823 Snapdragon chipset –
     – Samsung is expected to release Galaxy Note 7 with 823 Snapdragon Chipset. Click here to read about it in detail.
  2. Galaxy Note 7 Will Feature the Samsung Unique Cooling System Featured in Galaxy S7.  Click here to read about in more detail.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Specifications

So we can only predict the specs and features of Galaxy Note 7 smartphone nothing confirmed from the company still.

Galaxy Note 7 is expected to be powered with a 4600 mAh battery and that sounds pretty huge. The smartphone is expected to be powered with GB of RAM and that also sounds too large but yes that’s what is expected from the company. It would be feature a 4K display while we are not yet confirmed whether the smartphone would be getting 4K recording capabilities or not. Rear camera is expected to be of 20 MP and front is expected to be of 15 MP and that’s something great for the selfie lovers and for photography geeks. It would be running on the latest Android version in 2016.

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Design Of  The Smartphone

Not a lot of changes are expected to be done by Samsung on the design of the New Galaxy Note 7. Design is expected to be a lot similar to the Galaxy Note 5. So there are no new surprises on the same by Samsung. Leaks suggest that ( Leaks are not always true) that this time Galaxy Note 7 can be a dual edge smartphone. We have only witnessed on edged smartphone till now like Galaxy S7 Edge. But having edges on the both the sides of the smartphone can be a big change though. We are not at all confirmed on this till now.

The recent Galaxy S7 launched was a waterproof smartphone clearly stating that Samsung is interested in making all the next coming smartphones in the series waterproof. We are expecting that Galaxy Note 7 also would be a water resistant smartphone. Note 5 was not a water resistant smartphone so the leak is pretty confirmed that Note 7 would be a water resistant smartphone.

One of the most important rumor out there is that Note 7 can sport a IRIS Scanner for additional security for the smartphone. So this would be a gaming changing feature if introduced.

UPDATE: What we predicted has gone true! The big thing which was expected to be in Note 7 is Bendable or foldable display the same is expected in Galaxy S8 is true, Samsung made a patent in March months back and not Samsung is all set to skip the “Number 6” and Galaxy Note 7 to come. This is happening because Samsung wants to make it a trend of “S7” “S7 Edge” and “Note 7”, Same number appears every year.

As per the expectations smartphone would be coming in two colors Black and White.  It would be also sporting a fingerprint and retina scanner.

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Processor / Chipset

Samsung never disappoints in the hardware section so as we have witnessed the launch of Galaxy S7 which featured Qualcomm 820 chipset. So Note 7 can have Qualcomm Snapdragon and a Samsung Exynos. Instead of using Qualcomm 820 samsung would use Qualcomm 823 to make the performance of the device more better and smooth.

Ap per rumors Snapdragon 823 could have higher clock speeds up to 3.0 GHz and 820 featured 2.4 MHz so there is slight improvement in that. As we have seen that Galaxy S7 was not performing well in the terms of processor so Samsung is working on that part to improve it.

But there are also possibilities that it would be coming with the Galaxy S7/S7 edge’s Exynos 8 Octa 8890 chipset because Samsung did that same last year. Note 5 featured the Galaxy S6/Galaxy S6 Edge chipset . So there are little possiblites that Samsung can do it again.

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We have already seen a unique cooling system in Galaxy S7 so the same can be featured in the Galaxy Note 7.


Galaxy Note 7 is expected to feature a 4K AMOLED Display. As we have witnessed the launch of Sony Xperia Z5 Premium which was a 4K Display phone. So we are not expecting Samsung to lack behind in terms of Display of the smartphone and there are various rumors suggesting this. But still it is hard to believe this leak because we have listened the same in the past too.

Note 7 is expected to feature a might arrive with a 5.8 inch screen. Which is a good display size and we know that Note series smartphones fall in the phablet series. So larger display is expected for sure.


RAM And Internal Storage

As per the rumors Note 7 would be featuring 6 GB RAM which would be true because of Samsung has  12Gb LPDDR4 RAM chips (gigabits, not gygabites) that are 1.5GB ones, so four of them means 6GB RAM would be there. There is nothing too much exciting in this department because we have already witnessed 6 GB RAM featuring smartphones. Talking about the internal memory smartphone is expected to feature an internal storage of 64 GB which is kind of common for the devices now a days.

The Samsung Galaxy Note Series

Smartphone industry is evolving day to day new technologies are coming everyday and we are progressing the technologies at very fast pace. So as are the smartphone companies new processors with amazing speed are getting released and everything is getting better every day so as to maintain the pace with the smartphone market every manufacturer is trying to introduce new technologies in their smartphones. So they can provide good user experience to the users and the users can remain happy. Now getting deviated from the topic of the article much let’s talk about the smartphone in details from release date to price.

This doesn’t need a lot introduction company has made a whooping sales by this series. According to the company As of October 2013, Samsung has sold in excess of 50 million Samsung Galaxy Note gadgets in the course of recent years and a month. 10 million units of the Galaxy Note 3 have been sold inside its initial 2 months, 30 million were of the Note II, while the first Galaxy Note sold around 10 million units around the world. Which gives a proof of leadership in the industry. And a scope of further development of the company can be seen by these stats.


As of now there is a lot of time for the release of Galaxy Note 7 and only rumors are taking place and we can only predict what is going to be featured in the smartphone not anything more than that can be predicted until it’s official from the company.

As we have a look at the basic foundation that comes with the device and summing up it :-

  • All Samsung Galaxy Note models ship with a stylus pen and fuse a weight delicate Wacom digitizer.
  • All Samsung Galaxy Note models likewise incorporate programming peculiarities that are principally situated towards the stylus and the gadgets’ out-located screens, For example, Say the note-taking and advanced scrapbooking applications, and part screen multitasking. Remember these? I guess you must be loving them till now. Enjoying them as anything.

As we know for sure that Galaxy Note Series falls in the category of phablets. There is no need to explain that. 

We do have a table prepared for the Galaxy Note 7 expected specs :-

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Features(Table)

Specifications & FeaturesGalaxy Note 7 Specs
Battery Power4600 mAh
Camera FeaturesAuto focus, Optical image stabilization, rapid charging, wireless charging, 3D-4K Resolution
Camera – Primary20 MP Primary camera
Camera – Front Facing15 MP front-facing camera
ColorsBlack and White
FeaturesBendable or fold-able display, fingerprint or Retina Scanner
Memory(64) GB
Operating SystemCurrent 2017 Android Operating System
Price$1200 USD
ProcessorSnapdragon Qualcomm octa-core 2.9 GHz processor
Release DateQuarter 3 of 2016
Screen Display5.8 inch 4K screen display with at least 800 ppi
SensorsBarometer, compass, dustproof, heart rate, shockproof, SPO2, thermometer
Video Recording2160p @ 30 fps, 1080p @ 60 fps, 720p @ 90 fps

We also do have a video about the Galaxy Note 7 Concept Images.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Concept Video

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Price

The Smart Galaxy Note 7 will be having around a whopping price of 1200 USD. This price and release date stuff is strictly and purely according to our estimate. We hold no official announcement or information as per the company but our estimates from always have worked wonders and proven true. So, You can kinda believe us (Oh! Thanks 😛 Haha).

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Release Date

  • Galaxy Note 2 Release Date September 2012
  • Galaxy Note 3 Release Date September 2013
  • Galaxy Note 4 Release Date – September 2014
  • Galaxy Note 5 Release Date – October 2015
  • Galaxy Note 6 Release Date – Samsung is planning to skip this device
  • Galaxy Note 7 Release date– Quarter 3 of 2016

So here we are signing off from stuffing you up with more and more rumors and latest updates, We will keep on updating new and interesting facts about the coming Galaxy Note 7.

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34 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Specs, Features, Release Date, Price And Concept Images

  1. The new release for “THE NOTE 7” sounds amazing! Can’t wait!! Question…Is the battery also station or can it be remove?

  2. I think Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is Elite all everything.In a new generations that is better,better and more Better.And the new generations from Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the next generations is more better Specifications.I’m so like the Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Note 7.And the next generations,Samsung Galaxy Note 8 I think is more more Better.You must know that

  3. The Best is The BEST.You can know Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is Better for me.Because it has a Bigger Screen,Slot Micro SD,Chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon/Samsung Exynos,Processor Octa Core/Dexa Core Camera bigger resolution,Memory and RAM is more bigger and I want a Non-Removable Battery to save battery from a low-battery.

  4. And Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is has an S-Pen for an Important Note in an S-Note.I’m very-very like it.Because Samsung is my best phone from all

  5. everything is awesome. I am a note user and i really appreciate samsung`s effort when note series are in attention. all the specs seem relevant except for two.
    Most of the rumors and leaks suggest that the note 7 will have a 2k display while the probability of 4k display cannot be eliminated. Second, from the 12 megapix camera of s7 and s7 edge it can be referred that 20mega pixel camera is not a choice, because samsung`s dual-pixel technology brought a downgrade to s6 and s6 edge`s cameras from 16 to 12. Optimistically the note 7`s camera with dual-pixel will be remain 16 if not a downgrade to 12. In addition, with a 5 megapix front cam in note 5, the presence of 15 megapixel front camera in note 7 is a very rare choice.

    Above all, nothing can be denied or accepted. everything is possible. all in all, better specs and performances, happier we are of our note series.

  6. I want a removable battery and expandable memory in a note 6 or 7. I will not buy a phone without those 2 items … which I will never buy an apple.
    Please bring back the removable battery and expandable memory. I love the note but need these features to buy another note.

  7. Then I can ditch my Iphone 6 Plus and get back my Note. I have missed it ever since my St. Bernhard chew it into tiny little pieces.

  8. Stop making cellphones with only 32Gb internal storage. Start with a minimum of 64Gb and go up.
    I want my Note 7 to come with at least 128Gb specially Canadian carriers only pick up 32Gb variants. it sucks

  9. I am waiting for the new note very badly,, I am using note 2,3 ,4,5
    i just buy iphone 6s plus, but I’m really very very disappointed, iphone is very much slower compare to note, so can’t wait to have a hand on new note,, any one please tell me the release date so I can pre order
    Many thanks

  10. I have the Note 3. People who use the note are serious user of their phone.bells and whisles are not immpressive. Performance is what we need with good apps. For a reasonable price. As much as I like some of the features I do not like the price. I will be looking at alternative function for price performance.

  11. It doesn’t say whether the battery is removable or talk time. I am a heavy user and im constantly having battery issues.

  12. two questions:

    does it have removable flash memory?

    does it have a removable battery?

    if either of those answers is ‘no’, so too is it my answer to the question of me buying one. my note 4 serves me just fine and will do so until perpetuity, if necessary.

    1. I agree must have micro sd slot (I saw something about the possibility of 2 @ 256Gb) hopefully

      I have however not seen anything about a removable battery. So hoping it is.
      Will be upgrading because the Note 4 ios upgraded and screwed mine. Sprint replaced it and the replacement is doing the same thing. Shuts down with major battery left (as high as 74%) and will not restart until after it is plugged in. the new one sometimes has to charge for several minutes before it will restart.
      Frustrated with useless system. Cant depend on it with less than 80% battery or on charge at all times.
      Hopefully 7 will be better

  13. Hi,

    I really like your Edge 7 phone and specification. It’s really better than any other brand with lots of features.

    I haven’t use it yet but my friend has it. I wish I could have it but I can’t afford it. Good

    Job done by your company.

    All the best and best wishes from my side.

  14. I can not wait!!!! I have always had Samsung phones they are amazing. I currently have the Mega and have been waiting for something comparable to it to upgrade too. The Note 7 sounds like it would blow my Mega away.

  15. New note 7 has come up with retina scanner which a very huge step by the Samsung. Note 7 has become the first phone to have a iris scanner..It is just amazing.

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